With regional headquarters in Barbados; an office in Jamaica; and registered entities in Saint Lucia, Grenada and soon to be Guyana, our work spans the wider Caribbean. We bring together specialist knowledge, project management expertise, convening power and innovation with the goal of achieving a sustainable future for all.

At the heart of what we do lies our in-depth understanding of the unique cultural, political and social context in the countries we work in.

CARIBSAVE is part of the INTASAVE-CARIBSAVE Group is a global not-for-profit organisation, which includes:

Our work is centred around 4 focus areas, which are outlined in detail in What We Do:

In each of these areas we:

Innovate and create solutions to the challenges faced by countries and communities, initiating and managing research for a robust evidence base, and ensuring that we contribute to a growing body of global knowledge.

Connect communities, organisations, decision makers and the private sector to find the most appropriate and effective solutions for all parties. Most critically, our work bridges the gap between science-policy-practice.

Implement local, regional and large-scale development and research into use projects that address the challenges of climate change and sustainable development.

Our Vision

A world that responds to the opportunities and challenges of a changing climate and provides an equitable and sustainable future for all.

Our Mission

Working with, and supporting, societies, economies, communities and environments in responding to a changing climate; providing innovative, dynamic and evidence-based tools and solutions. Our focus is innovation, and the connection and implementation of effective solutions, for policy and practice, to climate challenges.

Our Values

Our values of People, Partnership and Practicality underpin all of what we do.